BlockLab puts blockchain technology into practice. Rooted in the Port and the City of Rotterdam we develop use cases with alliances of engineers, developers, system players and end users. Our focus is on energy and logistics – the first being Rotterdam’s biggest challenge, the latter our greatest strength. Capacity building and internationalization are supportive tracks.

BlockLab is a subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam, co-founded by the City of Rotterdam. As a Smart Industries Fieldlab we are embedded in a regional innovation ecosystem; with the Port Authority we unlock a global network; Blocklab also participates in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

BlockLab Team

Aljosja Beije

Logistics & technology lead
+31 6 2158 6483

Janjoost Jullens

Energy lead
+31 6 1422 4322

Jacqueline Schardijn

Business developer
+31 6 1222 8629

Ilhan Ünlü

Blockchain engineer
+31 6 1489 6089

Max Hampshire

Blockchain / dApp developer

Mattijs Taanman

Smart Grid Expert

Jorik Paul Schouten

Blockchain developer

Executive board

Emile Hoogsteden

Vice President Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics,
Port of Rotterdam

Tim de Knegt

Manager Strategic Finance & Treasury,
Port of Rotterdam

Menno Huijs

Program Manager Port and Maritime Business,
City of Rotterdam


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